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MPs Suffers Another Blow As SRC Makes Final Decision Over Increament Of Salaries

The Ksh 710,000 designated for legislators, according to SRC chairman Lynne Mengich, is sufficient for elected officials.

She stated that after looking over the deputy's mandates, the wage cap was decided.

Your base pay of Ksh 710,000 accounts for all the duties related to control, representation, and lawmaking that are carried out in accordance with the constitution.

"This covers everything you do in committee meetings, the plenary, and even going to your constituency. The deputies were informed by Mengich that this payment was all-inclusive and spoke for the entire position.

After the information regarding the turbulent five-hour meeting of the commission with the deputies was made public, the KDC's position was revealed.

At a meeting, the legislators asked that the SRC examine their pay, which they claimed was inadequate for their national mandate.

The right to buy cars with engines larger than 3,000 cc and car grants were further conditions that politicians wished to impose.

The SRC responded by claiming that upgrading to vehicles with engine displacements more than 3,000cc would be expensive for the tax payer due to excessive fuel consumption and expenditures.

The commission did, however, mention that they would have talks with the parliament's leadership over the car subsidies.

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