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Breaking: Old Man Arrested For Allegedly Bribing Voters(Video)

There are elections that are underway in Bonchari and Juja at the moment. The leaders and their people are doing all that they can to secure the votes that they want. However, some of them have gone as far as bribing the people in the area to get the votes.

An old man has been arrested in Bonchari for allegedly giving the voters money so that they can vote for his party. According to the video, the old man is a UDA member and he was given money by opore to give out.

This was posted by k24 on twitter and on the post they wrote, "Man arrested in Bonchari for allegedly bribing voters during the ongoing by-election"

Here are some of the comments:

Otieno: why don't you arrest people bribing voters in JUJA,

Nakuru: Irony that the guy arrested is bribing for a jubilee candidate one Zebedeo Opore who is being supported by Matiangi. Hawa polisi hawakufaa kumshika shauri yao.

@OleItumbi @KBonimtetezi

Dan: "Hawa watu wote wanafanana achilia aende!!" WTF is that police officer saying.

Jessie: the other officer: nilikuona saa kumi na moja ukipeana pesa nikakuambia uende ukazunguka tena (ukarudi)... 🤔

George: I don't think bribery really works during elections, you are in the ballot alone unless at gunpoint

The son: Achana na mzee bana hizi laana ndogo ndogo hizi sio za lazima🙌

Erick: Alafu huyo polisi anasema achiliwe aende ju ni project ya Jubilee ku bribe voters

Mr: This security guard will be sucked before the week ends.

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