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Is This What We Call a "Notch Higher" in UDA Politics

Recent images circulating on the social media platforms about UDA party politics are proving to look wild. It's good for the members and fans to celebrate as they popularize their party ahead of 2022 but with some degree of decency and moderation. The photos uploaded to social media by the fans may mislead a foreigner who may not understand what's going on. For those who don't understand the UDA party, it's a party aligned to the DP RUTO's notion of hustling using whatever means possible to make a living.

In one of those photos, a wheelbarrow painted with a UDA flag was hoisted up a half cut cypress tree. Now, why would somebody cut a tree to hoist a wheelbarrow. Not everyone will understand that you might have meant that the wheelbarrow is your source of living but people might misunderstand you for madness. I mean those who cannot fathom your intentions especially tourists,investors and outsiders who have never had of UDA.One of the hoisted wheelbarrows was also spotted in a sign Post where people get directions. I guess these Politics is going to much physical. I suggest using a poster is much more important. Atleast, it will show some writings which people can read and understand.

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