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Speculations High As Energy Minister ‘Fears' To Appear Before The Senate Committee, Details Exposed

Kenyans' reactions to this month's sharp hike in petrol prices have been mixed, with calls for government to intervene and protect individuals from growing living costs.

Energy Secretary Charles Keter did not appear before a Senate committee on Tuesday, when he was supposed to justify the hike.

In response, he stated that he is not responsible for the increased fuel prices, but that the matter is under the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, which is run by CS John Munyes.

He was supposed to justify and explain the criteria they used to raise fuel prices to an unpredictably high level to the Senate.

Many are concerned that Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter, who was voted to be Kenya's Minister of Energy, did not appear before the Senate committee.

Did he fear the inquiries because he didn't know what to say?

Do you believe his ministry is not to blame for the increased fuel prices?

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