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The General's Daughter: Franco is Worried as Rhian has Resigned

Amelia and Thiago are talking. She will ask about Rhian. Amelia will claim she's not her responsibility. She's asking questions about her older brother. Rhian will arrive. Amelia will mock her. Rhian will ask if he's really her brother. She'll say she went to the cemetery. Amelia is shocked. Rhian will say they were born only few months apart. How could he have saved her back then they were the same age. She will say their stories aren't adding up. Did Marcial really send soldiers to kill him.Amelia will stand up angry . She will say she's not her daughter. Rhian will ask who she is. Who are her parents? Who's she? Amelia will say she's a result of Thiago's infidelity. Rhian will ask if that's why she never loved her. Amelia will say each time she sees her she sees her brother's face. She sees her and sees the results of Thiago's infidelity. She wishes Rhian could have died instead. Then Rhian will ask her mother's name. Amelia will claim she's dead already.

Thiago will try to calm Amelia. Rhian will leave. Thiago will follow her. Rhian will ask why he didn't tell her. Thiago will ask for forgiveness. And that nothing should change between them , because she's his daughter and he loves her. She's still part of the family. Rhian will ask who her mother is. She will ask for her name. Thiago will say it's Marion. She will ask why she left her with him. Thiago will claim she will never see her. That they are his family now. That She should never feel like an outcast. She will say all her life she did what she was told to do. That's why she was always felt not at home like an outsider.

Thiago will ask Amelia why she told her that. Amelia will say she is a smart child ,she would have figured it out. Thiago will ask if she thought of what Rhian would do. Amelia will say that he should have gotten rid of her a long time ago like she had advised him. She'll claim Marcial and Corazon are still her parents even if Thiago raised her. That Rhian will turn out to be his biggest downfall. Thiago will tell her that if Rhian decides to quit ,then she'll pay daily for it. She should pray dearly that Rhian doesn't betray them.

Rhian will go to Isabel's place.She will start crying. She will say she did everything. She followed them,she didn't question them. It turns out her life was a whole lie. She'll say she's his father's illegitimate daughter. All her life she tried winning her mother's affection. She begged for her love. It turns out her life was a lie. She feels like she doesn't know what to believe and who she is. How is she supposed to make the right decision when she doesn't know herself. Isabel will tell her to always listen to her heart. In times like these let her heart be her guide. Rhian is crying. She should let her heart guide her decisions. And she's sure it won't make mistakes because she has a pure and gentle heart.

Rhian wants to quit. She'll tell the head nurse that she got an opportunity abroad. Shell say she's going through something personal and she needs some time off, so she can come back to focus on work. She'll be told to think about it careful. She'll say she's sure. She'll be told high officials have to give their approval. Thiago will tell the gang he needs everyone's cooperation. They can replace their losses. Thiago will say if they no longer have faith in how he does things that the door is open. 

Jessie is taking photos. The weapons are being offloaded. She will say she gathered information from the members. And they are connected. There's a meeting, Marcial will give the names of the subjects they are focusing on. Ethan will ask if they are members of Thiago's inner circle. Marcial will say he has an hunch. Though they need more evidence. He'll say they will have a joint operation. They need to act immediately to paralyse their operations. The military will arrive at the place of the gun business. Where the trucks are. They will attack.

At the market ,Isabel and the rest are helping Eugene. He will say their supplier gave them discount.

Melai will ask Rhian she wants to resign and she didn't tell her. Rhian will say she didn't know how to break the news to her. Melai will say she will miss her when she's gone.

Thiago will ask Amelia to eat. He will tell her he knows sometimes he's difficult to love but she's the only one who can put up with him. She keeps insisting that Rhian is his strength and weakness,but his weakness is Amelia. Thiago will say they had planned for years,every move he makes is for their family. Melai will tell Rhian that she remembers their training. Rhian will say she's sorry and there are some things she has to fix.

Thiago will tell Amelia he will be able to destroy and kill Marcial . Amelia will say that no matter what ,Thiago should remember they are his only family and not Rhian. Rhian will never be part of them.

Melai will ask to leave with Rhian But she will tell her she can't quit because many people are depending on her. Rhian will say she has to do it. They will hug. Rhian will leave. Melai is crying. Thiago is trying to call Rhian but she ain't picking. Franco will arrive. Thiago will ask Franco where she might be hiding. He'll say he has no idea but he will claim he has an hunch she's with the people in San Fransisco.

Rhian will arrive at the village. They are happy to see her. She'll say she resigned from the military. Elai will ask what it means. She'll be told she's no longer working at that place. They will ask why but Isabel will tell them to let her be. Isabel will say Rhian is like a family. She'll say she'll work and won't be a burden. Rhian will be given the sofa to sleep on. Isabel will tell her she's sorry about the place . Rhian will say it's ok. She's done as long as they are all together. Isabel will say she's happy they are all together again. Rhian will say she has Some money left they can share . Isabel will ask if she's sure about her decision.

There is a gun transaction taking place but the police will arrive and there'll be shooting. The leader will be asked to surrender. Another one will also be arrested for smuggling and involvement in Guns business. Ethan will call Marcial and report.

Thiago is in a room full of toys. He will remember training Rhian. Franco's father will say they have a problem. The soldiers have captured Freddy and the other one. The weapons were taken. Thiago will tell him to call the lawyer. They can't allow the military to get them.

Ethan will say it's good they caught them. Ethan will be told by Melai Rhian is leaving the military. At the market Rhian is helping with the fish. They are having some snacks. Melai will say Rhian is on leave meanwhile waiting for her resignation to be approved and only the head nurse knows where she is. Ethan will say they need to find Rhian. Marcial will ask to see Ethan. He will ask what's going on. Ethan will ask for some time too so as to find Rhian because they need to talk. Marcial will ask him to give her some time to calm down before they talk. Eugene will say that Rhian looks like a strong person who doesn't give up,so whatever the reason is she left the military ,she must have thought thoroughly about it. Rhian will ask about Kaloi. She has noticed he cares about Kaloi. Eugene will say he hopes whatever he does is good. Isabel will say there's no perfect parent. That whatever they do for their children is better than money.

Franco is waiting for Rhian at the camp gate but won't see her. He will cut his palm and then ask from help from the soldiers. They will take him to the Hospital.

Eugene will go to see Kaloi. Kaloi will claim he's fine,he'll be rich someday. Eugene will say they are family. George will appear and claim he will take care of Kaloi as a second father and employee. Kaloi will refuse to go home.

Franco will tell the nurse someone tried to rob him earlier so he got hurt. 

Eugene will ask Kaloi which job George gave him. Kaloi will claim he's okay and George takes good care of him. He will blame Eugene for standing up for his principles and that's why they are poor. He's filthy. Eugene will ask Rhian where Isabel is. Rhian will ask Eugene what's wrong. Eugene will say he met Kaloi. But he won't come home,he's working for George. That George is his god father. Rhian will say then George will take good care of him.

Franco will ask for Rhian but the nurse will tell him she resigned.

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