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Why Kamala Harris And Joe Biden Were Named "Person of the Year" By TIME Magazine

United States president-elect Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris have jointly made it to the cover of the distinguished TIME Magazine named as "Person of the Year" 2020. The prestigious accolade is given to an individual who has fundamentally impacted on history in the preceding 12 months.

According to the directors of TIME Magazine the award is given in recognition of an individual's contribution in the current year as well as how that contribution impacts on humanity in the future.

The Biden-Kamala ticket brought home the notion of America getting back to its senses from the misogynistic, racial and polarization epitomized by Donald Trump. The Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris administration has shown signals of inclusivity and appointing to high office persons best suited for tasks and not business cronies and political affiliates. The appointments of Janet Yellen and Lyod Austin do not only mark a departure from tradition but are indicative of giving opportunity to the best suited professionals.

General Lyodd Austin(top) appointed Defence Secretary of the United States of America and Janet Yellen (bottom) the first woman to head the US Treasury.

Already the Biden appointed team to combat Covid-19 has been tagged as the most professional getting the nod of the Senate. The pending Pfizer's vaccine approval by Senate will be a landmark entry into office by Biden and Kamala amid a global pandemic.

In Kenya the only person to have made it to the cover of TIME Magazine was the youthful legislator Thomas Joseph Mboya on 7 March 1960.

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