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5 Misconceptions About the Luhya Tribe

Today I'd like to share a different post. This is about misconceptions that people have about the Luhya tribe.

Luhyas Eat Children

This is a common misconception especially from people who came from Eastern or central Kenya. They believe that the Luhya people eat their firstborn children.

This is wrong because cannibalism is not rooted in the Luhya culture. Cannibalism is an ancient culture that sweeps across different tribes and cultures but in the modern age is it is not a common practice.

Luhyas are Polygamous

It is often believed that luhyas marry many women. This is also wrong. We have seen people from other tribes marry more than one wife.

In most cases married many women come as a result of people having riches and being able to take care of these women.

In our constitution, this practice is also allowed.

Bizarre Culture and Traditions

It is believed that luhyas have an abnormal culture. Other tribes fear getting married to luhyas for fear that they will be forced to practice some cultures that they are not used to.

The reality is that every other tribe has a culture and there is no tribe that has extreme culture than the other.

Luhyas Sleep with their Dead Partners

There has been a belief that well someone dies in the vehicle so they are forced to sleep with their spouse. This is wrong and there is no tribe according to my understanding which practice is this.

Luhyas Love to Eat

The amount of food that one takes depends on the body mass. It is not correct to say that are skinny Luhya will eat the same as a person who is bigger from another trial.

Somebody will eat an amount that their body can comfortably absorb.

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