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Is Kenya preparing to be Africa's Super Power? Take a Look at its Ever-growing Military Strength

In that last finding of a US-based global agency, Global Firepower ranked Kenya as the eleventh most powerful nation in Africa though below Ethiopia but ahead of its neighbors Uganda and Tanzania.

Photo: Kenya's president with Kenya army officers

The agency in last year assessed the strength of each African Nation in terms of military hardware and human resource. The finding report indicated that based on countries manpower, weaponry capacity, geographical location, logistical flexibility, and country's budget, Kenya emerged as the most powerful nation in the East Africa community

The rankings indicated that since 2015, Kenya had retained their 11th position in Africa. During this time, the Kenyan president had increased the budget of their Defence ministry exponentially.

According to the Global Firepower Kenya has the following arms:

8. Special battle tanks - 76

7. Military factory

Kenya is among the only three countries in Africa manufacturing so some weapons. Kenya joined South Africa and Egypt in 1997 when they began manufacturing bullets. Currently, the country makes special rifles as shown below.

6. Personnel armored vehicles - 591

5. Self-propelling guns - 30

4. 25 towed artillery

3. Aircraft-131, Fighter jets-17, and Helicopters-61

2. 24,150 Military personnel

.1. Highest Budget in East Africa  115.48 Billion Ksh

Kenya's economy is one of the most growing in the region and as a lower middle-income country and it's heavy investment in military hardware, the question that comes to e ensure everyone's mind is. Is Kenya preparing to be Africa's superpower?

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