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Rashid Abdalla's Controversial Statement That Has Attracted A lot of Reactions on The Internet

Rashid Abdalla. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

Celebrated journalist Rashid Abdalla has attracted attention on the internet following a controversial statement that he made during a recent interview. The video of the interview in question was published on Rashid Abdalla's social media pages further sparking reactions from his followers. Although Rashid Abdalla was speaking metaphorically in his viral statement, a section of the netizens could not ignore the direct interpretation of his sentiments.

Rashid Abdalla with Lulu Hassan. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

In the video, Rashid Abdalla tries to paint the state of the Kenyan government using an example in which a child is left in a dilemma after he found his mother sitting inappropriately. In the narration, Rashid questions whether it is right for a child to tell his mother to sit appropriately or if the child should ignore it for the fear of being judged for seeing what he not supposed to see.

Rashid Abdalla with Lulu Hassan. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

"Ukiwa na mamako kwenye sebule mumekaa, alafu akutume dukani. Ukienda dukani wakati unarudi unaona kama kuna watu wanakuja kama mjomba wako, shangazi wako nyuma yako wanakuja. Ukiingia ndani ya nyumba alafu ashakum si matusi, kwa bahati mbaya mamako amekaa vibaya katika ima ni leso ama ni nguo anaonekana sehemu ambazo ahafai kuonekana. Utamwambia mama akae vizuri ama huwezi mwambia akae vizuri?" Rashid Abdalla stated in the viral video.

Rashid Abdalla with Lulu Hassan. [Photo ~ Courtesy]

Rashid Abdalla was using the narration to explain that time has come for the citizens to criticize the government positively. According to him, Kenyans should not wait for outsiders or foreigners to come and fix the problems of their nation.

Below are reactions to Rashid Abdalla's social media post;

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