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Inside Photos of Barack Obama's New House in Washington DC

Hello guys and welcome again to my article. Today I have decided that I am going to take you a broad to Northern America and look at the beautiful mansion of the former united state of America president Barack Obama. This house is located in the city of Washington DC. Ensure you follow my page for more updates about the lifestyles of different presidents in the world. Also share with friends and leave a comment about my article.

Barack Obama purchased their rental house since the relocation from The White House for $8.1 million( equivalent to 810 million kenyan shillings). It's a nine-bedroom house, located on Belmont Road in Washington D.C's inner suburbs. This is where this president enjoys his life together with his wife and their two daughters.

Let's see photos of the luxurious estate, but it may look different now after they move in.

1. The Front Door

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-1.jpg2. The Front Hall painted white

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-2.jpg3. The Living Room with carpet on the floor

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-3.jpg4. The Butler's Pantry

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-4.jpg5. The Kitchen

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-5.jpg6. The Stove with Six Burners

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-6.jpg7. Their Dining Room

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-7.jpg8. The family room

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-8.jpg9. A Powder Room

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-9.jpg10. The Staircase

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-10.jpg11. The Master Suite

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-11.jpg12. Master Sitting Area

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-12.jpg13. A Dressing Room

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-13.jpg14. One of the Bathrooms

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-14.jpg15. One of the Bedrooms

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-15.jpg16. Another Bathroom

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-16.jpg17. Another Bedroom

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-17.jpg18. A Walk-in Closet

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-18.jpg19. The Basement with modernized chairs

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-19.jpg20. Other Space for Gym

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-20.jpg21. The Backyard where they relax feeling the city's cool breeze

inside-photos-of-barack-obamas-new-house-in-washington-dc-22-pics-21.jpg22. The Rear Garden


Hope you enjoyed my article. Ensure you like my page.

I want to say that this is the life most of us would like to leave and enjoy with our life partners, family and friends. But in order to reach such a level, we need to sacrifice a lot keeping in mind that hard work never goes unrewarded.

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