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The Rock Malawian Government Allegedly Shipped To China To Be Tested For Minerals Break Internet

Kenyans experienced an online frenzy on information that the government of Malawi shipped a big stone to China to be tested if it is a mineral. This is according to a picture posted on social media by OMG news site. Kenyans who have commented on social media say that this is a rare case of ignorance from the governments of developing countries which have been taken for a ride by the developed countries for the longest time. I don't understand the reason the stone heads are to be shipped instead of inviting the experts to their country for the said test.

This comes at a time when information reaching every developing country in Africa indicates that some countries overseas are taking advantage of the dire situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in Africa. The countries are no longer in a place to fend for their needs, and the only option is to auction the country's resources to the highest bidder.

Here are a host of comments from Kenyans on the same.

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