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It's Kenya's time to show how democratically capable she is To handle election

All eyes around the world will be focused on Kenya to assess how it will conduct its general elections. This is a unique election in the country, as it involves an administrative change from one government to another. It is an election similar to that of 2002 and 2013. In 2002, it was the first time Kenyans elected an opposition leader as their president. Kenyans elected the late Mwai Kibaki as "outrage" against the leadership of the late Daniel Moi and the Kanu party administration in general.

Thus, in 2002, it was like an uprising against Kanu due to the many sufferings that millions of citizens were going through. Same as now, the economic situation at that time was bad. It was difficult for many Kenyans to obtain basic consumer goods due to the bad economic and political policies carried out by the Kanu administration.

However, the leaders of Kanu did not care about the situation in the country. What they emphasized was "continuing their loyalty" to the Moi administration. Like 2002, Kenyans voted in 2013 as a rebellion against the International Criminal Court (ICC), due to the charges of crimes against humanity that were facing President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and four other Kenyans in the court.

This was due to the riots that occurred in the country following the controversial presidential election in 2007. Following the decisions of 2013, the main lesson that Kenya has learned is that, broadly speaking, President Kenyatta and Dr. Ruto were not connected to the plan they had to change the country, but to the charges they were facing in the ICC. This has been demonstrated by the sharp differences that have emerged between the two leaders.

Until now, this election seems to be plagued by differences between the leaders, rather than competition between Mr Odinga and Dr Ruto. It is clear that the second term of President Kenyatta's administration will be remembered for the competition and political tensions between him, Dr. Ruto and Mr. Odinga, and not for the programs run by the government to improve the lives of Kenyans. In the election tomorrow, Tuesday, Kenyans should make sure, they vote according to the performance of the relevant leader, and not some political wave. Avoid any political pressures, to ensure that they do not regret the decisions they will make later. Do not pay attention to the waves brought by leaders or political parties.


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