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Will DP Gachagua Follow His Late Brother's Footsteps As President Ruto Tasks Him With This Role

Photo courtesy of DP Rigathi Gachagua (Left) & his late brother Nderitu Gachagua (Right)

Whenever the topic of coffee reforms is brought up, every coffee farmer in Nyeri immediately thinks of this great man, the late Nderitu Gachagua. Nderitu is the brother of DP Rigathi Gachagua and was the first Governor of the great county of Nyeri. While still in Office, Nderitu reportedly succumbed to pancreatic cancer on 24th Feb 2017 while receiving treatment at a London-based hospital.

While serving as a Governor, Nderitu launched a spirited agricultural revolution that was aimed at dismantling cartels in the coffee and tea sector. He banned the selling of coffee to cooperatives and instead formed an initiative whose objective was to have all farmers jointly milling their coffee and government marketing for them.

Six years down the line, his brother, the now DP Rigathi Gachagua has been tasked with the role of reforming the coffe, tea and milk sector in the country by President William Ruto. The President said that he assigned his DP that role because he knows that he can and those resisting him are doing so because they know who he is. He promised farmers that his government is aimed at improving agriculture in the country for maximum food production and that is why they are unrelenting in their journey to make this happen.

"Mambo vile vile mmesema ya changamoto ya kahawa, chai na maziwa. Mmesikia hio Kazi ya kupanga na kufukuza wakora na matapeli na brokers katika hio corner, katika hio ni Deputy President ataongoza. Na mimempatia hiyo Kazi kwa sababu najua anaweza (You have heard that we have tasked the Deputy President with the role of dismantling cartels in the coffee, tea, and milk sector. And I have given him that job because I know he can," President Ruto says.

According to your thoughts, will DP Gachagua follow his brothers footsteps for the success of agriculture in the country, share your thoughts with us.


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