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Facts Behind Kenya's Vision 2030 Possible Failure That Needs Concern

Kenya has been exhibiting precious development outcomes in the past few years striving match the Vision 2030 speculation. Vision 2030 was a long-term Incorporated with the Sustainable development goals, launched by the third president, His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki way back in 2006 the 30th day of October. He instructed the National Vision Stearing Committee to fabricate a plan that encompasses development programs.

Vision 2030 was generated with an objective modifying Kenya into a Newly Industrialized Country that provides all her citizens with high quality of life. These were the discussed areas of concern;

.Eradicate Poverty

.Reduce Illiteracy

.Developing infrastructure

Other aspects in the Economic Recovery Strategy For Wealth And Employment (ERS), were Tourism, Agriculture, Trade, Technology and Innovation and Manufacturing, aspects that are amalgamated in the above particulars.

Kenya has been on the forefront to implementing the plan by jointly working together various initiatives but this has not showed the viability of achieving the plan. Despite all this efforts, certainty of achieving the vision because the implementers themselves have failed the plan, they always come up with borrowed plans from developed countries, course of action that end up with unrealistic growth scenarios. These plans are only pertinent to those countries and fail to work in ours. Lucratively budgeted plans rungles off unfinished and this has largely contributed to the refrains of realizing the vision. These projects takes many years to be completed as the government realizes a dead-wait expenditure.

Embezzlement of funds emitted for various development projects is another roaring problem of concern. The level of corruption in our country alleviates the reality of making it to the target by 2030 which is just 9 years away. Higher level of bereacracy and inefficient adminstrative structures in Kenya holds the blames, the government has failed to reinforce viable strategies to conquer corruption. The country is full of hypocritical leaders brimmed with desire and greed of money and wealth whose aims are to satisfy their own exigencies once granted the jurisdiction to instigate their duties to deliver for the citizens.

Kenya has also been skirmishing predicaments such floods and sever hunger stagnating the achievement of the vision. The government realizes a high dead-wait expenditure from the National treasurery board, development funds are re-budgeted on these calamities that overwhelms various parts of our country frequently.

My perspective holds it at shoe that the vision 2030 anticipated by the government is most likely to fail if these enigma are not accordingly delt with. You may also be having a contrary perspective of mine, share your convictions and comments on the comment section.

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