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You Must Do This To Become President in 2022: Mwalimu Dida to Alfred Mutua

The 2022 politics have now taken shape as senior politicians put their weapons ready for.the big contests. Dr Alfred Mutua is one of the Presidential candidates for the forthcoming contest. However, he will not become president unless he follows the advise of Mwalimu Dida.

According to mwalimu Dida, who was speaking on his official twitter account this evening, Dr Alfred Mutua is a potential president's for the country. However, Fifa warned mutual against taking politics lightly but rather get more serious. Above all, Mwalimu pointed the most important aspect for this victory as putting the house together.

"Hey @DrAlfredMutua , put your house in order. You are a grown man now and could potentially be a president. This is real life, not Cobra Squad. Have your priorities right.

Good night" Said Mwalimu Dida

It is also important to note that Mwalimu Dida was also a Presidential candidates for Kenya in the year 2013 when he lost to the current Preaident, Uhuru Kenyatta.

For this reason, his advice cannot be taken for granted, especially when it comes to politics. It is evident therefore, that he is speaking from a point of experience, hence the need for more vigilance from Governor Mutua.

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