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Uhuru's Former Speech Writer Blames 'Raila Capture' For Impunity

Former statehouse speech writer Erick Ngeno.

The president of the republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta entered into an agreement in 2018 with ODM leader Raila Odinga who was before then the fiarcest critic of his government.

The famous handshake was born that led to relative peace which gave Uhuru the legitimacy he felt he lacked.

Nevertheless, according to former Statehouse speech writer who is also the advocate of the high Court of Kenya Erick Ngeno, trouble began as Impunity increased.

In his article appearing on Saturday Nation, Ngeno notes that Raila Odinga had an election to lose in 2013 given that he was vying against two fellows battling a case in the Hague.

Having lost to the dynamic duo, he has been working round the clock to deligitimise the leadership of Uhuru Kenyatta.

In 2017 he managed to get some Support from the judiciary and later on went to the streets.

Statehouse decided to capture him thinking that with him on it's side, they would get the legitimacy they wanted.

Immediately after the handshake, Ngeno notes that Uhuru became more bold in his bid to revisit as he had earlier warned but is yet to get any meaningful headway.

The president has since been landing himself in trouble with the law having seen his bid to amend the Constitution rejected twice by courts of competent jurisdictions.

"The centrepiece of the entire adventure – the BBI – is a mortifying failure and an embarrassing disaster. The courts remain impervious to Executive power and persist in calling out a litany of constitutional violations by the Executive.

Each judicial rebuke underscores the government’s legitimacy deficit insofar as constitutionality of its actions is found wanting." Ngeno says.

“But we have Raila, so what could be the problem?” must be the question exercising everyone’s mind. Therein lies the fallacy of false cause." He adds

Ngeno goes on to say that the jubilee's legitimacy weakenesess arise from it's problematic relationship with the Constitution and the rule of law.

He adds that the considerational power can only be lawfully excercised in conformity with the Constitution which is the essence of legitimacy.

Raila therefore wasn't the cause nor driver of the gnawing legitimacy but only took advantage of the dysfunction.

Even the president's efforts to manage succession are colliding with the unintended consequences hence it's intended purpose is no longer appealing.

Ngeno condemns the false believe that ancores the BBI that it's people who suffer when leaders disagree over elections.

Therefore Peace entails creating incentives for the political elite to avoid electoral disagreement and accessing ever-greater largesse.

Ngeno finishes by saying that BBI only underscored the fact that our elites' credibility is wanting.

Do you agree? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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