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Raila Wake Up, Open Your Eyes, Uhuru is Using You to Get Ruto to State House

Dear Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the enigma. The doyen of democracy. The face of liberation.

Please Wake up. Stop sleeping. Get out of your comfort zone. Open your eyes.

Get back to your Canaan journey. Your people are crying and wandering in the wilderness of political uncertainty. All because they think you have derailed.

Besides you, baba Raila, your camp should come to the bitter realization that you are being used to sanitise the irreparably shambolic and inept Jubilee administration on behalf of Deputy President William Ruto.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, is using you and ODM, to prepare an easy win for his buddy and friend William Ruto for the presidency in 2022.

Baba Raila and your entire bandwagon should wake up and realise you’re not in government.

They should not get so drunk with a mere figment of power and influence and cheap opulence dished to Raila, which to me is just a bait to keep him busy and of course, keep his mouth shut as he, allegedly, eats from the ‘handcheque’.

It is saddening when we see ODM leaders celebrating what DP Ruto is going through. That’s not what ODM stands for. That’s not what ODM stood for. That’s not what ODM aspires to stand for. ODM stands for equity, democracy and constitutionalism.

It should never be forgotten; the struggles, the pain, the tears, the blood, the lives lost in the course of seeking good governance, constitutionalism and equity among Kenyans.

Its time ODM and baba should not scatter people but bring each and every soldier on board.

ODM at the moment is dead. We need more of Governor Hassan Ali Joho-like voices and forces. We need straight and sharp shooters like Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi in our ODM fold. We need the Siaya Senator James Orengo’s fearless voice back. We need the oratorical mien of former MP Rashid Bedzimba.

It’s unfortunate that Raila seems like he’s happy with his current status and being a man who always wants to keep his end of the bargain, he might spring into action a bit late.

It should not be forgotten that Uhuru got lessons from the Chinese Communist party. And a keen eye will quickly notice that he is using lessons his party learnt from the Chinees party how to annihilate opponents. And Uhuru is clever. He has befriended his political ‘enemy’ and brought him so close to his chest that Raila has no space to even turn his head and see the other side.

It is no secret that Uhuru found a suitable person to carry the burdens of the failed Jubilee government in the person of Raila Odinga.

And by dishing a little opulence and a taste of power to Raila, Uhuru successfully managed to blind the eyes of Raila as he strengthens his deputy for the task ahead.

Raila, wake up! You are being used!

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