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Top 10 Best Performing African Presidents in 2022 (photos)

10. President Cyril Ramaphosa - South Africa

Ramaphosa was sworn in as president in 2018. He's a decent moderator with fair money management.

9. Sahle-work Zewde - Ethiopia

President In 2018, Sahle was Ethiopia's most memorable woman. He became president and the most important sitting head of state in Africa.

She is an honorary representative to the United Nations and a veteran of peacekeeping operations across Africa.

8. Macky Sall - Senegal

Macky is an active Senegalese Member of Parliament who has led Senegal since around 2012.

In February 2013, McKee received a $7.5 billion loan for his currency improvement plan. The plan aimed to transform Senegal into a new economy by 2035 through an interest in the agriculture, frame and travel industries.

His government has also pushed for the creation of a broader framework for auxiliary medicine.

7. Joao Lourenço - Angola

He has been President since around 2017 and is working to further develop the linearity of the currency sector and address the views of international financial institutions on the country's business environment. . In pursuit of a greener environment, we have made some significant changes.

6. Weah - Liberia

Weah took office in 2018 amid an analysis from the region acknowledging its inability to govern individuals in Liberia.

His achievements since inauguration include free tuition in all public colleges and schools, computer-based admission to Liberian State University, and the West African Grade Board fees for all his 12th grades and his 9th grades. Payment included. It contains.

5. Adama Barrow - Gambia

Barrow had a turbulent country in his hands when he took office in 2017.

In June 2019, President Burrow was awarded the Great Builder Super Prize. He won the Africa Street Manufacturers Award for his contribution to improving the frames in his home country.

4. Roch Marc Christian Kaboré – Burkina Faso

Kaboré has been president since 2015. His main achievement was the ability to open a separate market for gold export and exploration. He also helped the country's ranchers.

3. Danny Faure - Seychelles

Faure started operations in his 2016 year. He raised the Seychelles economy to a more noteworthy level with his currency control arrangements.

He announced his PC strategy to fill his sophomore vacancy in 2017.

2. Paul Kagame - Rwanda

Kagame was inaugurated in the year 2000 of him. He took over a conflict-torn region. Twenty years later, Rwanda is stable, prosperous and united.

He is globally recognized for its financial approach in the fields of education, health and environmental improvement.

1. Nana Akufo-Addo – Ghana

He took office in his 2016 year. Since that point, he has received awards both on the mainland and in the past for his pan-African conviction, enthusiasm and philanthropic approach.

His achievements include free high school strategies, locations, manufacturing plant strategies, NHIS digitization, driver's licenses, and other officially recognized documents.


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