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Must Raila Odinga's Name Feature in Anything - Philip Etale to Irungu Kanga'ta

ODM Director of communications Philip Etale now says former senate chief whip Irungu Kanga'ta is now blaming Raila Odinga for his woes. 

Through his official Facebook page Etale why the opposition leader leader's name in everything. 

"Disgraced Senator for Murang’a County Irungu Kangata blames Raila Odinga for his ouster. HOW NOW? Must Raila’s name feature in everything that happens to these Tangatanga minions. Kwendeni uko," said the ODM party director of communications. 

His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Jonathan Kipkemboi says "Uhuru once said he consults Raila, so we know the origin of the useless decisions jubilee makes,"

CM Kirior wrote "I blame him too for jujunizing the President till he started hating his own people and disintegrating his party to please the con. Who hates his own children to make mpango wa kando happy?"

"Had it been not Handshake president Uhuru Kenyatta angeshatolewa kwa ofisi, these our brothers from central open your eyes," Geoffrey Otieno. 

Felix Makochola wrote "Every politiician in Kenya know that Agwambo is a brand that's why they use his name to advance their selfish political interest and "AGENDA"

"Is Uhuru trying to make sure that no other politician from central builds himself ? Is it that he is too selfish to see other politicians grow?" William Kiptoo says.

Sam Otieno wrote " Since immemorial the only politician in Kenya even a one day old child will abuse and sleep comfortably well he will not be seen in court and his life will not be terminated is Raila, Raila has kept his hands clean on politics but let me say from 1994 when Raila took mantle from his father to date No singular politician have abused Raila and his political career ended well Kangata Irungu is Shooting at his career and life he may ask Chirau Ali Makwere too,"

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