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1420 or 142,000? Dennis Itumbi Calculates The 0.01% Error Reported By Juliana Cherera

Today, Juliana Cherera is trending in the social media after she claimed that a 0.01 % error in calculations of the presidential results transformed into around 142,000 votes.Photo courtesy-Juliana Cherera

Before we look at the figures read by the IEBC chairperson, let's have a case example of how rounding off figures in Mathematics alter the exact value. If you add 0.025 to 0.003 you will get 0.028 as your correct value. Suppose you round off the numbers to two decimal places then add them, then you will have to take the sum of 0.03 and 0.00 and your answer will be 0.03. It is outright that 0.028≠0.03 but the figures are close.

Generally, here are the results for the presidential race as read by Wafula Chebukati.

You realise that the figures of percentage of votes cast before rounding off are large numbers which have been rounded off to two decimal places. Sure to Cherera's words, the sum of the rounded off percentage figures is 100.01% as a result of the error brought by rounding off.However, the error is not significant at all as 0.01% only represents the product of 0.01/100 with 14,213,027 and yields 1421 votes.1421 is a very different figure from 142,000 and would barely change anything in the percentage figures of Raila and Ruto.

Different Kenyans have calculated the results online in argument of the reported error. The popular Dennis Itumbi's calculations tallied to 1421 in case of the 0.01 per cent .

You may share your comments regarding these calculations. (Source link-Dennis Itumbi)

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