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Youth Shouldn't Shy Away From Politics, Voting As They Hold Key To Unlock Their Problems

With the constant circus surrounding elections, it' s important to acknowledge their complaints and perceptions about this. Between 2007' s post election violence and 2018' s pre- handshake tension between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, the coalition government was born.

Many young people are turning their backs on politics because of the tragic incidents during recent elections.

Even if you have no interest in politics, you should still cast your ballot.

In light of this, Maseno University Public Relations student Tabbie Ogutu, 23, has called on young people to engage even if they don' t want to.

As she put it, " young should vote like their lives depend on it this election year, " which she strongly encouraged.

It' s important to remember that our elected officials impact the lives and businesses of the people they represent.

Keeping out of the current politics, according to Tabbie, is like shooting oneself in the foot in a country where youth unemployment is rife.

Politics has an impact on everything from the tax system to the cost of starting a business and manufacturing factors. Young people turn to self- employment, even though many governments have tried to solve unemployment with limited success. Entrepreneurship and agribusiness are two methods they use to accomplish this, but individuals who work in these fields should be aware of the importance of this year' s selections.

" Politics, for example, has an impact on agribusiness. The social and political context in which agricultural systems operate has a significant impact on their operations " she makes the case.

For agricultural systems to be lengthy- lasting, Kenyans must grasp the social implications of politics, says Tabbie.

Providing free food to children causes them to make poor decisions. To ensure that agricultural production and value chains are transformed by the leaders elected, the youth have a huge responsibility.

In addition, policies affecting entrepreneurship and agriculture should be reexamined, and candidates for political office should be held accountable for their plans for young people.

" Youth, especially the unemployed, are especially susceptible to political giveaways that cloud their judgment. Consequently, they fail to grasp that the tenure of a political office is far too long to be lost for KSh 100, " she continues to add.

It' s a vicious cycle that keeps electing mediocre leaders that don' t care about the concerns of the people. In conclusion, Tabbie encourages the youth to examine the many economic models and their deliverables given by politicians without succumbing to the temptation of seducing.

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Maseno University Tabbie Ogutu


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