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Raila Wins in The Diaspora against his Main Rivals William Ruto, Wajackoyah and David Mwaihiga.

There are some 12 countries that have been conducting these elections in the diaspora.

Some of them are in Africa some of them in North America some of them in Europe including Germany and the united kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

In Germany, 115 voted for Raila Odinga 104 voted for Ruto two voted for Wajackoyah and three voted for Mwaure.

The Embassy in Qatar 135 voted for Raila Odinga Ruto got 169 votes Wajackoyah zero votes, and Mwaure zero votes.

In Rwanda, there are two polling stations the first one has 170 votes for Raila Odinga 82 for Ruto three for Wajackoyah, and zero for Mwaure.

Then in the second polling station 150 votes for Raila Odinga 81 votes for William Ruto, and 4 for Wajackoyah.

In South Africa Pretoria, there are two polling stations the first one is 161 for Raila Odinga 54 for Ruto, and zero for Wajackoyah.

The second polling station in Pretoria is 159 for Raila Odinga 67 for Ruto two for Wajackoyah, and Mwaure for 1.00.

In Tanzania, there is a polling station in Raila Odinga that got 91 votes, William ruto 45, Wajackoyah 1.00 Mwaure 2.00

In Tanzania at Darresalam 87 for Raila, 43 for Ruto, zero Wajackoyah, and one for mwaure.

In Uganda Kampala, the first polling station has reported earning 48 votes for Raila Odinga, 73 for Ruto, one for Wajackoyah, and zero for Mwaure.

In the United Kingdom of London, the high commission of Kenya heard 990 votes for Raila Odinga, the first polling station 95 votes for Ruto, 3 votes for Wajackoyah, and 2 votes for Mwaure.

The second polling station still in London 83 votes for Raila, 3 votes for William Ruto, 2 votes for Wajackoyah, and 3 votes for Mwaure.

In South Sudan, there are two polling stations the first one got 250 votes for Raila Odinga, 140 for Ruto, zero for Wajackoyah, and one for Mwaure.

In South Sudan, the second polling station was 264 for Raila Odinga, 129 votes for Ruto, and zero for Wajackoyah one for Mwaure.

The total votes for all the presidential candidates are Raila Odinga 2103 votes, William Ruto 1185 votes, Wajackoyah 18 votes, and mwaure 19 votes.

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