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PLO Lumumba To Ruto: Do What Is Within Your Power To Make Sure We Don't Go To Abyss

Amid the storm that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has stirred in the country with his mass action and planned "march to State House" on the Monday of March 20 2023, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba has weighed into the matter.

In his reaction to the developments, the former Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission boss has slammed the Azimio leader for what he terms entertaining or rather propagating a course that is dangerous and that which can not only drive this country into anarchy but can also lead to unnecessary bloodshed.

Prof. Lumumba who was speaking on Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange Live show tonight on March 15th boldly called on Raila Odinga to stop what he's doing and avoid that march to State House since he says it'll be an outright act of treason.

That the move will have dire and probably deadly consequences and should things spiral out of hand, Raila himself might not be able to stop what he's started.

At the same time, Lumumba has called on President William Ruto to do whatever it takes, within his power to make sure that peace prevails and that the country doesn't slide into anarchy.

"I want to ask President William Ruto (who is the rightful President of the Republic of Kenya in accordance with the law and there is no other President of the Republic of Kenya) that do what is in within your power to make sure that we do not go into abyss," Lumumba said.

He also noted that going by what Azimio has been doing, Raila Odinga and his brigade should have been arrested by now but the President has been considerate.

That in that case, Raila Odinga should seek alternative means of voicing his concerns no matter how aggrieved he is instead of going to the streets.

"If there is going to be a march to State House on 20th March and the mobs succeed in getting to State House, and imagine that somebody is shot dead and there is a stampede, there will be a bloodshed and Kenya will never be the same again.

Then what will happen on the 21st and the following day? What is the endgame because right now, when your read social media, there is no shortage of individuals urging Raila Odinga to go on?

I am asking Raila Odinga that please do not listen to those individuals. They are not your well wishers.

Do not listen to them, it's not too late. This country belongs to all of us and if you love this country, it is time to reach out to President Ruto. Do what is good and right because Kenyans are waiting for you to stop this madness," he said.

While referring to what happened in Kisumu today where ICT CS Eliud Owalo and Ezra Chiloba were chased away by a rowdy mob Lumumba remarked that, "I saw what happened in Kisumu, where they were baying for the blood of a Cabinet Secretary but thank goodness he had been evacuated when they arrived.

If that is a rehearsal for 20th, then there will be rivers of blood in Nairobi and who knows, will we be prepared to swim in those rivers? And once we have gotten the crown after we have swam in those rivers of blood, who will live?"

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