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President Ruto's grand plan to fix economy and politics

Even as he continues to define his government via important appointments and policy choices, President William Ruto's hands-on and determined style of leadership is fast replacing that of his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta's relaxed posture.

Dr. Ruto has only been in government for two months, but already his decisions signal huge changes in the nation's politics, economics, agriculture, and ties with the West.

According to Dr. Ruto, Kenya has the ability to raise additional tax revenue since, depending on an individual's income, social security funds like the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) receive considerable sums.

Some of these initiatives are likely to frighten the taxpayers since they entail further robbing their already-crumbling bank accounts.

Given prior initiatives, they could also encounter legal and implementation difficulties.

Since then, he has given up on a number of Mr. Kenyatta's pet initiatives, some of which directly and immediately impacted the average person.

The Kazi Mtaani initiative, which was implemented as a stimulus to put money in the wallets of the most disadvantaged kids owing to the impacts of Covid-19, was recently cancelled by Dr. Ruto.

Additionally, he terminated the gasoline and maize flour subsidies that had been put in place to protect Kenyans from the high prices of these two essential commodities.

The President thinks that these changes in policy will eventually pay off.

However, some of his detractors believe they are extreme and might backfire.

"The President is making every attempt to break from Uhuru's leadership style, such as by avoiding Kazi Mtaani and gasoline and maize flour subsidies.

This could is his attempt to distinguish himself from Uhuru, according to governance expert Javas Bigambo.

Dr. Ruto actively monitors both administrative and political developments, in contrast to Mr. Kenyatta.

The president has been able to choose members of the cabinet from both regions that favor him and those who massively backed his primary rival, Mr. Raila Odinga, in the most recent election.

Some claim that this is a cunning political chess move that might ensure stability while also garnering electoral points for the 2027 election.

In order to demonstrate that he is still the president of everyone, even those who rejected his candidacy, Dr. Ruto has also made purposeful trips to some of the regions that did not support him.

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