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US president Donald Trump makes serious allegations against this group

US presidential elections are over but Donald Trump. According to the latest news speaking to fox News on a phone call he said,

"Many foreign leaders are calling me saying that's the most messed up election we've ever seen.

President Trump is giving his first interview since losing the election to Joe Biden. He's speaking to Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo.

There are a lot of dead people that voted in this election, in thousands of cases. This election was rigged, it was a total fraud. This is the greatest fraud in the history of our country. Biden did not get 80m votes.

We're trying to put the evidence in but the judges won't allow us to do it. We have stories that are unbelievable but they say we have no standing." Trump complaining to Fox about his losing lawsuits." Donald Trump told Fox News.

US president Donald Trump trump is still insisting he won and this latest accusations is can affect the Judicial system of US leaving very serious trust issues. If what president Donald Trump is saying is true then it is so unfortunate.

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