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"Humble Yourselves If You Want Power From Museveni," Ofwono Opondo Says To Opposition

The government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo,while appearing before the media yesterday,said that the opposition should act in a humble way and manner,if they are to tempt Museveni to surrender power to them.

Mr.Ofwono has added Kyagulanyi has for a longtime been playing games even when they are not necessary. Opondo says that Kyagulanyi has been making dilute excuses.

For months,Ugandans have witnessed a vicious presidential election campaign without predecent.

According to Opondo,the opposition is hitting a dead end by trying to report Museveni to the international criminal court and Human Rights organizations, because these are the things that make Museveni cling on to power the more.

Bobi wine rubbished the allegations,and said that Uganda is under an occupation with a dictator who has refused to go away even after people voted him out of power. Bobi Wine adds that Museveni and his government are in power against the will of the people and therefore should be removed by all constitutional means.

Opondo also used the opportunity to say that,he will not support anyone who will use unconstitutional means to take power, because the country has suffered so much in the past because of leaders who come to power by force.

He also said that Bobi wine is a very good friend of his,but he will not support him if he tries to use unconstitutional means to grab power.

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