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Ankole Cattle Bread In Uganda.

Ugana is a home of various beef Breed like Ankole and Borana.Angole are longhorn animals which have got large body size and are red in colour.The animals attracted South African deputy Cyris Ramaposa who became interested of Ankole when he visited president Yoweri Museveni.

The government of Uganda use all means to ensure that Cyris get that species.However,the Department of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries prevented importation.Ramaphosa was given cement to go and cross breed his animals in Nyaba Nyoni his farm in South Africa.According to Kobus Rall,animal scientist and general manager of the farm the area is harsh to breed animals but best for Ankole."I m a frastrated farmer.When im on the farm.I born with ideas.For someone coming Soweto,I v even smashed myself.If I was fired from my job,I would be in the farm next day."Say Ramaphosa.

Ugandan industries have benefited from these animals.This is because,it relies on indigenous breed genotypes raist under extensive management system.

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