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The Most Successful Government In The History Of Kenya in Terms of Development Progress[Opinion]

There have been different government since Kenya gained independence. In 2022 Kenyans will be voting to welcome the fifth president in the office. Since independence Uhuru and Ruto government have made incredible developmental projects. We will be looking at this projects. Remember that we must give credits where it is due and thank the government for offering the best to the common citizen.

Uhuru-Ruto government has done the best to better the lives of citizens: Some examples that I will illustrate will surprise you:

1. Introduction Of Digital Learning.

Uhuru Kenyatta's government started the distribution of tablets to different schools allover the country that has been helping in digital learning and during the Covid-19 pandemic children were able to learn very well without attending digital classes. This was so beneficial concerning their health and the health of their parents.

The digital progress is still on and Ruto has promised to better the project incase he wins the presidency.

2. Building Of Modern Infrastructures.

Modern roads, market places, government offices has really improved the lifes of citizens. In schools the children can study well without being rained on and at the market places through the county government their has been major developmental changes and the roof tops have been erected in Major marketing centers to protect those people who are doing their small scale or large scale businesses.

3.Improvement of the local Market To Create More Income to Local people.

The government has been trying to tax more on the imports inorder to scare foreign investors. This is why the tea factory has been progressing more. The government has also been awarding loans to the common farmers to better their projects and farm output.

These is enhancing individual development projects that creates more income and those who are under self employment.

4. Educational Changes.

Uhuru Kenyatta's government helped many students who couldn't afford fees for KNEC examination and at this time it is free and we have seen many students sitting for it. Subsidization of school fees in secondary schools and colleges has been a major boost to both students and the parents. Uhuru-Ruto government has done much to be credited.

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