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"Ruto ni Wizi Tu" Ruto Hit Hard as Kaikai Emerges With a Forthright Attack on Him(Video)

As the next election year approaches, an upcoming political activist Brenda Kaikai has told the youth to think wisely with their votes, sending a hard-hitting question to Deputy president William Ruto and his sympathisers ahead of 2022.

Kaikai who was speaking to a group of youths in a political gathering commonly known as "Bunge la Wananchi", asked the second in command to show Kenyans where the laptops for Primary school pupils, job opportunities and the stadiums he promised Kenyans across the country are.

"Ruto atuambie stadiums alitupromise ziko wapi, job opportunities na laptops ziko wapi?" Kaikai said which losely traslates to;

"Let Ruto tell us where the stadiums, job opportunities and laptops he promised us are".

She claimed that DP Ruto has only prioritise in criticising ODM leader Raila Odinga instead of fulfilling his promises to the Kenyan citizens.

"Ile kazi anafanya ni kutuambia hekaya ya abunwazi vile Raila ni mbaya badala ya kufanya Kazi - He (Ruto) only knows how to tell us the negatives about Raila instead of performing his role," she said.

According to Kaikai, ODM leader Raila Odinga is the right person to replace president Uhuru Kenyatta for the top seat. She described Raila as the father of democracy whose history can only be compared to legendary politicians Kwame Nkurumah and Thomas Sankara.

"The only person who can lead this country is Raila Odinga, what has Ruto done. Even Ruto supporters cannot explain to us. But, a person like Raila can only be compared to Kwame Nkurumah and Thomas Sankara. As youth, we have decided on the next president and if you don't like Raila then you can go to Uganda," Brenda said.

Brenda said that Ruto as a complete pretender, a wolf in a sheep's cloth and one who can lead Kenya to a total disarray if elected president.

"Ruto amevaa nguo ya kondoo. Ati anavaa kama padri akienda kanisa ili atudanganye. Youth waangalie sifa ya mtu watampatia hii nchi. Sifa ya Ruto ni wizi tu," she claimed translating to;

"Ruto is a pretender, a wolf in a sheep's clothes. The youth should look deeply into someone's character."

Kindly click the link below to watch the video;

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