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TEN Unfulfilled Promises Promised by CBS Chief Whip Hon. Emmanuel Wangwe to residents of Navakholo

Its important for politicians to try to keep promises made during election campaigns. Failure to fulfill can breed voter disenchantment, with both politicians and politics in general. it is also democratically dubious: Many voters case their ballots with this promises in mind, so it is not an overstatement to regard breaking them as a betrayal of voters trust. Hon Emmanuel Wangwe is the member of parliament representing Navakholo Sub-county. lets check on his Unfulfilled Promises.


In 2015, Hon Emmanuel Wangwe promised a milk cooling plant in Bunyala West ward in Sidikho location. CRINON ENTERPRISES was the contractor with an estimated cost of 6.5M. The construction started smoothly and currently is a home of bats.


Residents of Sisokhe, The home yard of Hon Emmanuel Wangwe were pleased with the opening of maternity wing at Sisokhe dispensary. 2016 He was congratulated for the efforts and mothers in the village were happy to be relieved off the burden of walking 10km to seek medical attention with pathetic roads in Navakholo. Currently the wing is in a pathetic state with water flooding inside.


2015, Hon Emmanuel Wangwe promised voters  of Navakholo an extra modern football stadiums for young once to express their talents. a place was set aside for construction to begin. Currently the preserved place is favoring herders, its where cows and goats get their daily meal.


Residents of Navakholo were promised Tarmac road from Nambacha to Lurambi, Nambacha to Musikoma, Nambacha to shianda. Residents were pleased with Hon Emmanuel Wangwe inviting the President of the Republic of Kenya. Hon. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to launch the program. Until date, only part was tarmacked.

Other unfinished projects include construction of Natunyi Hospital in Bunyala East, Cereal board in Nderema, Milk cooler at Chekata, and Unfinished Classes at KOCHWA pri. school. 

A Politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have an ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.

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