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Opinion: The Untold Truth About BBI That Will Hurt Poor Kenyans

The cost of sustaining one MP in Kenya is pegged at Sh30 million annually! 

You who is supporting BBI can you let this fact of life sink in slowly by slowly.

How much do you use to sustain yourself....annually? Just you....not even your loved ones. How much? 

And yet you're here saying YES to BBI to add more MPs forgetting that this nation doesn't sell oil or minerals for it to get cash to sustain 70 more MPs. 

Where do you think that money will come from? There is only one recourse to getting extra cash to maintain the additional MPs..and that is via tax increase! 

If say you can't hack the tax increases without your pocket being hurt by Cabinet secretary Ukur Yatani, you think you can hack it after BBI is passed? 

Haven't you Kenyans learnt anything when it comes to our leaders? They will always look out for themselves first before looking out for you! 

The cumulative basic salary and allowances of MPs is estimated at Sh10. 8 million.

This includes basic salary, responsibility allowance, and vehicle fixed cost and sitting allowances.

According to the Parliamentary Budget Office, the total average cost of maintaining one constituency office per year is Sh12 million while the average total cost of mileage claims per year is approximated at Sh9. 6 million.

The lawmakers are also entitled to a Sh40 million mortgage, a one -off car grant allowance of Sh5 million per member and other administrative costs estimated at Sh15 million per member annually.

The reality, therefore, is if MPs are increased from the current 416 to about 640, the country will have to contend with a ballooning wage bill, as the current annual Legislature’s budget is 2 per cent of the national budget, translating to Sh39 billion.

Currently in Kenya, the National Assembly has 349 MPs, 76 (21 per cent) of whom are women, while the Senate has 68 members, including 21 (30 per cent) women.

Comparing these numbers with those in other countries makes Kenya look rich.

If you pass BBI, the National Assembly will now have 360 constituencies, up from the current 290, and six nominees representing women, the youth and people with disability. This replaces the current 12 nomination slots for the special interests groups.

A gender top- up of up to 180 brings the subtotal to 546 members. In the Senate: Two Senators per County × 47 counties = 94 Members. Grand total 546 + 94 = 640 Members! 

This is "Shared prosperity" for the political class...and it's not for you that is struggling to make ends meet! 

No one is looking out for you after losing your job or lacking a job or even lacking capital to start a business but you are supposed to look out for the political class in the name of he is our man and woman.

Even a big country like the US has 100 senators and 460 congressmen and women. So what is so special about Kenya that we need 640 members in our national assembly? 

Former Auditor-General (Edward Ouko), is on record stating that the over- representation of Kenyans and the exorbitant allowances paid to MPs (in some instances these are larger than the basic pay) and MCAs are contributing to the rising wage bill. The former Auditor General is further quoted stating that these costs are far more than the economy can afford.

BBI is Kenya's poisoned chalice. You're being enticed to take it but it's good for them (the political class) but it will end up killing you dear Kenyan slowly but surely. 

BBI is a snake that must be hit on the head with all the force that we can muster.

Content created and supplied by: Ikolinews (via Opera News )

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