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"The Rumble in Nandi " Will Sang Retain His Gubernatorial Seat?

Nandi 2022: A Preview

It has all the features of a no-holds barred, bare knuckled gubernatorial contest in the history of devolved unit, Nandi. They are both young legal minds but while Allan Kosgey is a political greenhorn, Stephen Sang is on the other hand facing a jittery and unsteady electorate.

Kosgey is the son of Nandi politician Henry Kosgey who has twice tried unsuccessfully to wrestle a seat from Sang; first for senatorial position 2013 and 2017 when they went head-to-,head in the Jubilee Party nomination. He came a distant second after Sang. Allan Kosgey is now seeking to claw back the gains of Sang albeit with huge challenges to encounter.

When he hosted Nandi Hills constituency delegates at his Kipkeibon home for prayers and strategy laying, Kosgey said "Like a warrior going on a hunting mission I am seeking your blessings and support in bringing home this prize." "The thrust of my leadership is to lay a development agenda that exceeds your expectations" hecadded. All the speakers in the meeting exuded confidence that the seat was Allan's to lose.

Pundits were however keen to point out that Allan had indeed open a wide lead but had a herculean task of maintaining the pace. He runs the risk of voter fatigue, poisoned familiarity and risked the possibility of failing to meet the demands of genuine supporters. Nonetheless, he has an unmatched war chest, a well established network of supporters and his soft spoken mien that easily enters him to electorates.

Questions of unbecoming return on investment await the incumbent when he enters the ring proper to seek a second term. This coupled with shifting voter demands and political toxicity in the county will muddy the waters. His oratory, uncommon brilliance and acquired experience will prope his claim to the throne. Interesting times ahead.

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