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Coronavirus versus poverty in villages.

Most of people in most remote areas in Kenya ,are poor.They only struggle to get something to fill thier stomachs for the day.And with this poverty challenges,another big animal called corona arrived from no where.

At first, corona was like a nightmare to every one in Kenya.When schools got suspended we thought it is a matter of time then normalcy .

Let me go directly to the point.Most people in villages are choosing to work, to go to market, to share their cheap brews and eat from hotels.As am writing this, am just afraid if corona is true we may end badly.

In short, though alot of awareness have been done on this deadly virus, the poor villagers believe it is not there.Others still believe God can cannot let this virus kill innocent poor people.Others say it is virus for the rich.

Have tried my part to educate them on using mask, sitting one metre apart, washing hands etc .But response I get is demoralizing.They say, this will be possible if they had something to eat without struggling.Even the count government are trying to give their people free masks and sanitizers, most people forget to use it

As I conclude,I wish people can understand how this virus has affected not only the our country but the whole world.Lets come together, create awareness to these poor people in remote interiors like Kitui miambani, Zombe, Mbooni Kalawa and others.Together we can eredicate this virus.

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