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The President's Blood, a Gun, and other features of "The Beast"; Joe Biden's Car

Whenever Air Force One or Marine One is not flying, the world's most powerful person does not just get in a normal car. He or she doesn't just drive around. He rides in a big, fancy limousine surrounded by Secret Service agents

The US president's limousine, called "The Beast," has a lot of interesting features you didn't know about. They say the following: 

(1) The Blood Bank

if the president gets hurt, the Beast has a wide range of medical supplies on board, including a refrigerator full of blood types from the president. 

(3) Armored Body:

The doors and windows are made of 8-inch thick armor, and the windows are made of 5-inch thick bulletproof glass. It also has armor floor plates that protect the president from grenades and bombs that are thrown under it, as well as an armored gas tank with special foam that seals itself if it is punctured. It also has an inside that can be sealed off in the event of a chemical attack. 

Because of this, the Beast can fire its own tear gas grenades. When there are threats, it has a gun. 

(5) It can run on flat tires:

Even the tyres are made to withstand attack because they have Kevlar reinforcement. They also have run-flat technology. You can keep the car going at top speed even if all four tires are flat.

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