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Senior Govt Officials In Panic Over An Imminent Shakeup Of Their Agency For Funding The Rival Camp

Panic has gripped some top officials of a crucial government agency over an imminent shakeup. This is in a bid to align the agency with the ideals of the current administration and rid it of officials with questionable loyalty.

According to sources, the move has been necessitated by the discovery that a top official at that agency funded the rival camp during the August 9 general election. This brought into question the loyalty of the officials of that agency, and the current regime is not taking any chances.

There are plans to institute major reforms at the agency and change the top leaders to bring on board loyal leaders who have the interests of the current government at heart.

Word has it that one of the officials is a marked man and might be axed anytime since his under dealings have been exposed.

The remaining top officials are worried they might end up taking the fall for the marked official. To save their jobs, they have dispatched an emissary to the powers that be to plead their case and ask the big man to spare them.

Speculations are rife that even the marked man has some powerful friends in government whom he has asked to seek forgiveness for him and offered his commitment to have unwavering loyalty to the current regime.

However, those in the know have observed that his die is cast and it will take a miracle to save him since the boss has already pronounced himself on his case and ordered that he be replaced. Time will tell if his pleas will bear any fruit

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