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“DP Ruto Will Get Nowhere Near The Presidency in 2022” Uproar Over Who Ruto Should Work With

Over the past few months there have been talks on who Deputy President William Ruto should work with to ensure he is able to achieve his ambition of being the country’s next president.

There was however mixed reaction from Kenyans after Blogger Robert Alai said that Ruto should forget about getting the country’s top seat.

Alai said Ruto come 2022 elections will get nowhere near the presidency adding that he needs to work with ODM leader Raila Odinga to at least get a seat in the next government.

“DP knows that he is not getting anywhere near the Presidency in 2022. Seems like he is realising that his only hope for a seat in govt is an alliance with Raila. Mtajua hamjui!!!” said Alai.

Kenyans reacting to Alai’s claims disagreed with him saying that Raila is the one who should look for DP Ruto while another section agreed with Alai saying that Ruto won’t see the presidency.

“Raila is the one looking for him, stop twisting the story to favor you, after Raila senses signs of betrayal that's why he has sought to look for WSR habari ndio hio,” said Benitez.

“Raila is realising he is going to remain in cold next year, that's why he sees by moving close to Ruto he will remain in government.Utajuwa hujuwi,” said Davis Opanda.

“DP knows very well presidency anaionea kwa viusasa,” said Challah.

“Is it Ruto who is going for Raila or Raila going for Ruto? You can twist as much as you can but mjue mlikwisha!” said David Lelei.

“Raila just noticed..he handshakes the wrong man.... Ruto is the right man to lead Kenya...but with Raila’s hand he would be a better president for ordinary Kenyans,” said Edwin Hazard.

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