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Check Out Photos of The Heir of Swaziland Throne after King Mswati III

In Eswatini, no king can appoint his successor. Instead, an independent special traditional Council called the Liqoqo decides which of the wives shall be "Great Wife" and "Indlovukazi" (She-Elephant / Queen Mother). The son of this "Great Wife" will automatically become the next king.

The "Great Wife" is chosen after the death of the king and must be of good character. Her character affects her child's chances of ascending to the status of king. According to Swazi culture, a son cannot be the heir if his mother is not of good standing.

She must not bear the maiden name of Nkhosi-Dlamini as Dlamini is the name of the Royal House of Eswatini and she must not be a ritual wife (consequently the eldest son is never the heir).

Lindani Dlamini, son of Sibonelo Mngomezulu, is the expected heir of the throne of Swaziland from King Mswati III.

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