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Senator Methu Responds To Raila's Remarks A Day After Odinga Attacked Him Over IEBC Servers

During the funeral service for Mama Mukami Kimathi that took place on Friday in Nyandarua, County Senator John Methu of Nyandarua launched some indirect digs at the Azimio team led by Raila Odinga and Jeremiah Kioni. Methu was speaking in Nyandarua.

Nyandarua County Senator John Methu has once again sparked controversy after sarcastically claiming to have opened servers for Raila Odinga during the burial of freedom fighter Mukami Kimathi on Saturday.

The young senator kept the mourners in stitches throughout his entire address by using his witty tactics to criticize Azimio while at the same time asking Ruto for updates on the progress of his people in Nyandarua. The mourners were left in fits of laughter.

This follows earlier remarks by Raila Odinga, who had told Methu off over claims that he had opened the servers.

The clever senator began by first taking an indirect shot at Raila by referring to President William Ruto as Baba wa Taifa. This was his first jab at Raila. Raila, who had always been referred to as Baba, stared in bewilderment as the young senator hailed Ruto as "the father of all Kenyans."

According to Senator Methu, he had opened the servers and seen that Ruto won the 2022 general elections fairly. He went on to urge Raila to move on and try his luck in upcoming elections since Deputy President Ruto would not let go of the government.

"I want to apologize, forgive me because I heard that there is something you have been looking for in Nairobi, I am the one who has it. I heard that you lead demos and destroyed people's properties looking for servers and I am the one who has the servers, the server you were looking for in Nairobi, I am the one who opened it," said Methu.

He also took aim at Jeremiah Kioni, calling him a "mtu wa kubeba masufuria" and referring to him as the former Secretary General of the Jubilee party.

"Raila, I have opened the servers and seen that the government defeated us . I want to tell you that servers shows they (government) defeated us. Let us give them time to work"Methu.

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