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Important Lessons William Ruto Should Learn as the Christians Celebrate Jesus' Birth Tomorrow

Photo: Santa Claus (Source/Santa Claus/Facebook).

Its no doubt that William Ruto will be among the millions of Kenyans who will join Christian family to mark Christ's birth on 25th December. To believers, Jesus was a Martyr who ransomed his life to save mankind.

Though mankind has deviated from that Jesus stood and fought for, there is still time to recollect ourselves and live righteously. As festive season reaches its crescendo in few hours time, there are a number of lessons the son of Sugoi should learn and embrace from Jesus' life and ministry.

Photo: DP William Ruto (Source/William Ruto/Twitter).

Jesus was born in a humble background and a certain point of his ministry, Pharisees used this to dispirit him. They possibly failed to understand how a son of a village carpenter could be their saviour. God works in a mysterious ways and the son they despised turned out to be a cornerstone.

Ruto was not in august family and this has charged anti-Ruto marshals who have hitherto unleashed all kind of political machinations to dismount that William has created. If it was meant to be, nothing will stop that.

Photo: DP William Ruto (Source/Twitter/William Ruto).

It was written that a Messiah will be born in a manger, will be humiliated, tortured, spit on and killed, its not until then that man will be saved of his transgressions. It was a mandatory process and once it was over, it was a mission complete.

Since the times of Handshake, William's camp has experienced the wrath of turbulent waves and its by the grace of God that he is still standing.

Photo: Santa Claus (Source/Santa Claus/Facebook).

 From Jesus and Job's stories, its evident that massive victory awaits whoever perseveres and prays. Is Ruto destined for greatness? Absolutely Yes. 

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