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Photos Of 2 Energetic Men Carrying Their Elderly Grandparents To Vote Warms The Hearts Of Kenyans

(Photo| Courtsey)

There must be a 100% voter turnout in some parts of Kenya. Netizens online have reacted by seeing this photo of an energetic man carrying his elderly grandmother to the polling station so that she can vote. This shows that people take voting as seriously as they should be. In another photo, an energetic man is also seen carrying his own grandfather on his back.

(Photos| Courtsey)

The energetic man in the green vest from Kisumu was seen carrying his elderly grandmother on his arm, taking her to Kibwayi Primary School in Kisian to cast her vote. Netizens praised the man for what he did, and they said the man deserved a medal.

(Photo| Courtsey)

Also, another man was praised for helping his grandfather. He carried him inside the polling station and to the booth on his back and helped him cast his vote. The young man helped the old man vote.

Netizens online praised the two energetic men highly.

(Photo| Courtsey)

(Photo| Courtsey)

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