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How Wanjigi's Father Brought Police Officers After Hearing His Son Was Badly Beaten By School Mate

Jimi Wanjigi and his father, Maina Wanjigi share alot in common. To start with, Maina was a very close friend of President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and was thus handed a Ministerial position which made him very powerful and was feared

A good example was one day when Maina Wanjigi who was then the MP of Kamukunji Constituency heard that his son was badly beaten in a disco by a boy named Muhato who was a former school mate of Jimi Wanjigi. Muhato had beaten Wanjigi after Wanjigi spoke to him rudely and challenged him for a fight

Furious Maina Wanjigi was quick to assemble police officers and went to Muhato's home with a motive to arrest and teach Muhato a lesson for fighting his son. However, the Muhato was quick to run away from home and go into hiding as he was tipped that police officers were on their way.

Muhato cleverly showed up in court during the hearing a compassionate magistrate charged both Jimi Wanjigi and Muhato with the offence of public affray

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