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Why "Uhuru-Ruto" Identification Has Faded With Time?

Hello everyone going through this fine information. It was said by our ancestors that politics is a dirty game and this saying is common with most of our politicians.

Actually political game is something that requires extra mind to handle it. Today he/she is your friend and tomorrow the same person might be against you. This is due to differences in opinions and ideas.

Everyone knows how it started when we were singing comforting songs to the leading party. Perhaps, it was promising and giving hope of the next regime in the cabinet, what happened? Where did the rain started beating them? Let us see. I know you want to know how it came to change from Uhuru- Ruto to Uhuru Raila.


The purpose of this was to bring unity among the ruling party and the opposition. It had no bad intentions, it was after bring harmony in the country and have a focused leadership which caters for the needs of its citizens.

From the handshake, BBI was initiated and some opposed, some accepted and some were not even aware of the document. The purpose of the report was to ensure equality among the Kenyan Citizens.

This document which resulted from the handshake has brought some kind of disunity as different people claims that Uhuru has deserted Ruto for Raila.

The deputy president left the party and formed his own party whereby he is using the wheelbarrow as the symbol of the party. As young men and women sing the hustlers theme.

I believe you have now known the how it changed. I am also confident that this information was helpful to you, kindly share, like and comment.

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