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Here is What May Make the Elite Presidential Security Guards Be Withdrawn

President of Kenya exiting a military helicopter: Photo | Courtesy.

In nearly all the jurisdictions on earth, withdrawal of presidential security is unconstitutional, and in most cases unheard of. The president is usually the commander in chief of the armed forces, thus he is the principal boss of all security forces including those that protect him. Modern day presidential security convoys are composed of the elite men and women trained to meet the most terrible threats this world can present. The elites are the best of the best and are trained in counter assault mechanisms.

This article is meant for education and self awareness purposes. Nothing is discussed herein that attempt to inspire strife or any ill or negative motive.

So what are these things that may lead to the withdrawal of the elite presidential security? These reasons has their foundation in the rebellion of certain groups of people against their government headed by the president. The men and women protecting the head of state can only be withdraw during an organized coup, when certain persons commanding presidential security rebel against the government thus illegally issuing withdrawal instructions to the elite presidential security team. A very good example of presidential security withdrawal is shown in the five most famous coups in modern history.

In circumstances where the military seizes power illegally from the head of state, or where a dictator or a political faction working closely with the military seizes power from the prevailing administration, they unavoidably control even the presidential security forces. It is common knowledge that when a coup is attempted or done, the head of state would flee for his own safety in a secure location away from the emerging authorities who are thirsty for his life.

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