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I Am Being Tempted To Abandon My Work After Wajackoyah Manifesto - Mutahi Ngunyi Says

Kenyans are still raising different opinions concerning DP Ruto's manifesto and Root's Party leader George Wajackoyah. However, political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi has broken the silence concerning Wajackoyah's manifestos and admitted that it was good simply because it is focusing on the economy of the country. He revealed that the issue of Bhang and Snakes make a lot of sense in the country and if he is picked as the fifth president of Kenya, he might do great things for our nation.

" This one page of Wajackoyah's the fifth is crazy. But think about it. There is logic in it. I have to become a bangi farmer plus snakes," Mutahi Ngunyi said

He alleges that he is being tempted to abandon his work as a political analyst and engage in growing bhang plus keeping snakes. It seems that everything is falling on Wajackoyah and it is a good thing for him ahead of the August polls simply because he might be the fifth president of Kenya

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