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Journalist Finds Herself On the Wrong Side of Former Cs, Gets Reprimanded & Forced to Delete Photos

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IEBC gave the media green light on taking photos and videos in the polling station as Kenyans exercise their democratic light. One journalist however found herself in a dark place in her line of duty. She was just innocently taking photos and videos, just as her job demands but landed in the wrong hand of former Sports Cabinet Secretary, Echesa. It was at Mumias township polling station that Echesa turned physical on the journalist and demanded that she deletes all the contents she has captured.

During the whole process, the journalist was forbidden from recording as some people gathered around her. This was a very indecent act by the former CS not only in his capacity as a national figure but also as a Kenyan who understands the role of media. Many may view it as being very wrong for a man to go physical with a lady for whichever reason and we can only wait for the law to take its course.

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