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JUST IN: Cold War as IEBC Fires Back at National Police Service For Allegedly 'Lying' to The Public

Earlier today, July, 22, the National Police Service released a statement on their official social media platforms indicating that they had arrested a Venezuelan national in possession of sensitive election materials. He was later released after it was revealed that the stickers actually belong to IEBC.

However, things might not be well between IEBC and NPS after their reports contradicted each other. According to IEBC, 3 people including two of their officials were arrested rubbishing claims by police that they had only arrested one person.

The release was actually made but the IEBC now says that the personnel have been ordered ot appear before the OCS Anti-Terror Police Unit on the 26th of July 2022 which will turn affect the performance of their duties.

Additionally, the IEBC has refuted claims that the stickers were given to them. Instead, the stickers were confiscated and retained by the OCS Anti-Terror Police Unit with the implication that the commission is not seamless prepared for the elections.The police has also confiscated the mobile phones, laptops and flash disks from the personnel which contains important and sensitive information relating to the elections. IEBC now claims that they are troubled with the repeated harassment of their personnel by the National Police Service as they call upon release of all confiscated items.

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