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See Akothe's reply to Rue after she called her brothers that Akothee sired with Wazungus 'Headaches'

Sibling rivalry she never cease. It is very common even in almost each and every household. It is even very common to see celebrity siblings fighting.

Just the other day even diamonds daughter and son were caught on camera fighting during their recent visit to Tanzania.

Akothee there is the president of single mothers in Kenya. She refers to herself as the president because she has been in three different failed marriages and she is currently single.

Akothee was first married at a very tender age of 14 years. Her first husband was from Kenya home they sired three kids with called Veesha, Rue and Fancy. However their marriage hit rocks and Akothee decided to walk out of her marriage. Below are photos of the children she sired with the Kenyan man.

Akothee was later married to a France man whom she sired one child with. However things went sour and Akothee left the Mzungu.

Akothee got engaged with another swiss man whom they also sired one child with. However their relationship did not last and Akothee is single till date.

Her daughter fancy and her sons that she sired with the Wazungus live with the Frenchman in France.

However France was in lockdown and when the country was opened. Akothee was quick to send flight tickets so that her other children could come and see her.

The children recorded themselves on live camera saying how much they had missed Akothee and couldn't wait to catch the next flight to Kenya.

Akothee reposted the video and said she is happy she will get to see her children after one full year.

Rue who is also Akothee's child commented on the post and said, "The headaches are finally coming home."Safe journey my loves"

Akothee hilariously responded and asked Rue to dire her own children and see if they will not cause Rue stomach aches. Akothee told Rue to leave her children alone. She told Rue that she had released her employees to know what is waiting for Rue.

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