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Meet 3 Most Expensive Coins In The World

Flowing Hair Silver 

Flowing Air Silver also known as copper dollar,is the most expensive coin the world. It cost 10 million dollars. Experts believe that it was the first coin to be given by the Federal government of US. This historic coin has been preserved for more than 200 years. This makes it more valuable. 

Double Eagle

The double Eagle coin is the second most expensive coin. It was recalled from the public after the then president of US Theodore Roosevelt banned people from owning gold.The president thought that measure will help the financial crisis that was going in the country. However some double Eagles escaped from the vaults .It's still illegal to own the coin.

Saint Gaudens Double Eagle.

The coin was manufactured in 1907 ,it became hard to produce in large quantities. Its complicated design meant that something had to be changed.The chief mints engraver of US choose to remove "in God we trust" from the coin. The production of the coin continued and it's now estimated to be worth 7.6 million dollars.

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Air Silver Double Eagle Saint Gaudens Theodore US


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