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Je, Kuna Nini? Powerful Cabinet Secretary Is Badly Humiliated After The Following Incidence

Kenya just like any other nations, is experiencing the second wave of covid-19 infections. The country has also recorded an increase of deaths due to covid-19 disease. Leaders and scientists are working around the clock to find a solution to the pandemic. Last week, a major announcement was made after two vaccine candidates showed that they can prevent someone from contracting the virus by 95%.

Kenyans expressed their joy after the major announcement. They are wishing that the vaccines could be available a soon as it can be. However, when the Cabinet Secretary for Health Honourable Mutai Kagwe appeared before the Senate Health Committee, he said that Kenyans should not rejoice about the new discoveries. According to him, the new developments have a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Kenyans reacted so badly. They are accused the Cabinet Secretary for not keen to save the lives of Kenyans. Pricey Makau Mutua, blasted the government officials of joking with lives of Kenyans. He said that the Cabinet Secretary should tell Kenyans what the government is doing to secure those vaccine.

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