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'Wenye Hawajasoma Ni Wengi' Sudi Reveals Most Leaders Do Not Have Degree Papers, Mentions Sakaja

Oscar Sudi has affirmed that it's not only him who doesn't have a degree for many leaders do not have papers including Sakaja. According to him the government has it been against him yet it's evident many other leaders do not really have the academic papers.

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Sudi is clear the focus on those who do not have degree papers must now not only focus on him for it has been confirmed he is not the only one. He is clear, he is one leader who doesn't have the papers but again he must not be sought so much for no reasons.

Sudi is clear some leaders have been after embarrassing him for many years but they have not succeeded. He is clear, he was sure of forming the next government together with Ruto hence he won't be scared by anything whatsoever in his bid to lead the country to glory.

Sudi is clear, he will remain focused on issues that add value to his constituents but not on his academic issues for he is past school going years. He is clear Sakaja has also been caught on matters his academic papers hence people must stop of speaking only about Oscar Sudi but speak about othtd6as well.

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